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    Contempo by David Girelli

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    Contempo is our first collaboration with David Girelli –  a connoisseur of European architecture and cosmopolitan approach. The collection is essentially a stylistic dialogue between Scandi minimalism and Japanese art.

    Contempo High Book Shelving Unit
    7 840 AED
    Contempo Low Book Shelving Unit
    4 560 AED
    Contempo TV Cabinet
    5 980 AED
    Contempo Display Cabinet
    8 100 AED
    Contempo Dining Table
    5 400 AED
    Contempo Chest of 6 Drawers
    6 950 AED
    Contempo Console Table
    4 250 AED

    Contempo breathes – open shelves and high slender legs preserve the beauty of free space. The geometry is deliberately simple, with clean straight lines and carefully considered details.

    Warm glow of gold-incrusted handles only visible at a certain angle; marquetry pattern of the tabletops; delicate flections on the sides – there are many sides to Contempo which are a genuine pleasure to observe.

    Contempo Console Table
    Contempo Console Table
    Contempo Media Console