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    Glamour by James Patterson

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    It’s all about the touch

    Dantone Home is proud to announce the release of the Glamour Collection, a magnetic masterpiece combining the allure of Art Deco with unmistakable British sophistication. The collection's distinctive charm is rooted in its exceptional finish – the facades are elegantly clad in artificial leather with the shagreen effect in noble ash-gray hues.


    Designed by our long-time collaborator, British designer James Patterson, whose previous works include the bestseller series City, New Classic, Pattern, and JP Line 6.0, this collection is a testament to his skill in translating the essence of nature into original form, skillfully intertwining functionality and aesthetics.

    Glamour Chest of Drawers
    Glamour Chest of Drawers
    Glamour Chest of Drawers
    The Glamour Collection's foundation is crafted from solid ash wood, showcasing its elegant grayish hue that gracefully diffuses light, highlighting the natural wood patterns with delicate, darker veins.
    Glamour Console table
    Glamour Bedside table

    What truly sets the Glamour Collection apart is the mesmerizing shagreen effect, a tactile delight that offers a subtly textured surface. This intriguing texture is thoughtfully complemented by the incorporation of brass elements. Brass edging surrounding the tabletop and handles reminiscent of Art Deco earrings add a compelling contrast to the models. Despite its somewhat extravagant appeal, the collection blends seamlessly into any interior, while lending its unique character to the space.