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    David Girelli

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    David Girelli
    David Girelli, a talented designer, established his own studio after gaining experience in several globally renowned companies. Though Swiss by origin, he's not only making waves in the UK but also rapidly gaining recognition across Europe and beyond for his elegant contemporary pieces inspired by Scandinavian design principles.

    Girelli's diverse background in engineering, fashion, and interior design is evident in his remarkable furniture collections. Characterized by a minimalistic style, vibrant textured fabrics and leathers, and interlocking geometric shapes, his pieces showcase his unique aesthetic. He emphasizes traditional joinery techniques and prioritizes the use of natural materials, reflecting his design philosophy centred on honesty and beauty, a philosophy that sets him apart in the industry.

    Contempo Display Cabinet
    Contempo Bedside Table with 1 Drawer

    The debut collaborative collection, Contempo, is inspired by a cosmopolitan approach to design. Rooted in Scandinavian minimalism, Girelli infused it with his unique character and refined elegance, expressing his admiration for European architecture and Japanese artistry.

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    Contempo Low Book Shelving Unit
    4 560 AED
    Contempo TV Cabinet
    5 980 AED
    Contempo Console Table
    4 250 AED
    Contempo High Book Shelving Unit
    7 840 AED
    Contempo Display Cabinet
    8 100 AED
    Contempo Dining Table
    5 400 AED
    Contempo Chest of 6 Drawers
    6 950 AED
    Lines Dining Table
    5 710 AED
    Lines Wall Mounted Console Unit
    4 910 AED
    Lines Console Table
    4 950 AED
    Lines Desk
    7 960 AED
    Lines 2-Drawer Bedside Table
    2 880 AED
    Lines 1-Drawer Bedside Table
    2 410 AED
    Lines 6-Drawer Chest
    7 940 AED

    "As an author, my main focus is to strike a balance between aesthetics, functionality, and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that the pieces I create are not only beautiful but also conducive to comfortable living," states Girelli.

    The chairs designed by Swiss David Girelli are eye-catching with bold but clear geometry
    The idea of Contempo is based on modern ideas of comfort, where naturalness, mindfulness ("mindfulness" is the most popular word in Google queries in recent years) and environmental friendliness come first. There is no pretentious décor here - the collection is built on laconic and thoughtful details, which have much more meaning and charm.
    The geometry of Contempo is deliberately simple, with clean straight lines and carefully considered details. Warm glow of gold-incrusted handles only visible at a certain angle; marquetry pattern of the tabletops; delicate flections on the sides – there are many sides to Contempo which are a genuine pleasure to observe.
    Parallel lines and clean geometry of the slatted facades are the main features of this collection. The charisma of Girelli’s signature series lies in the dialogue between natural wood pattern and minimalist silhouette.

    Girelli finds inspiration in the dynamic contemporary style and the elegant aesthetics of Art Deco, the last primary style of the 20th century, embodying refined luxury. This fusion is evident in the collection of chairs he specially crafted for Dantone Home. With streamlined bionic forms, curved legs, swift lines, and perfect symmetry, the silhouette of these chairs exudes bold yet clear geometry reminiscent of 1930s design, revitalized in the past decade.

    Davis Chair
    Fulton Chair