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    Maria Pustovalova

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    Maria Pustovalova
    Maria Pustovalova is the author of best-selling furniture and light fixtures for Dantone Home.

    With her higher art education, Maria embarked on her career as an industrial designer, honing her skills in lighting, landscaping, restoration, and exhibition space design within architectural projects. Her prowess was acknowledged in 2021 when she was honoured at the prestigious GITEX Global 2021 International Exhibition of Modern Technologies in Dubai.

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    Foster Sofabed
    6 870 AED
    Foster Sofabed (b21541-18)
    5 950 AED

    "In developing furniture, I aim to balance practical design and reasonable cost. This allows a model to create an elegant yet cosy interior for a bedroom or living room, within budget."

    Maria joined the Dantone Home team in 2021. Her initial project was a collection of versatile lamps and floor lamps designed to suit interiors with classic style elements. She has since created more than 15 models of furniture in various styles.

    Maria is a staunch advocate of the contemporary style, where form always follows function, natural materials are favoured, and heavy details and décor are eschewed. Her design philosophy is exemplified in the Lagom collection, where she championed the idea that simplicity is superior and more dependable. Lagom is about rejecting excess, appreciating nature, finding beauty in simplicity, and achieving the perfect balance.

    Another memorable project of hers is the Willow bed with a canopy. Maria combined a modern interpretation of canopies with restrained design and enhanced comfort. The bed frame, made of natural light wood with warm undertones, gives it solidity while maintaining visual lightness. According to Maria Pustovalova, the design of this model is characterized by a combination of modern eco-design and the trend for increased comfort. Thus, the designer has created a stylish and functional solution for those who appreciate modern interior design trends and strive to create a cosy place to rest in the bedroom.

    Maria believes that the designer's task is to create not only beautiful furniture but also functional pieces that correspond to the habits and lifestyle of the modern person.