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    Nadezhda Levina

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    Nadezhda Levina
    Nadya Levina, a distinguished designer and creator of case furniture models at Dantone Home, holds a degree in design and technology. She specialises in Art Deco, mid-century, and loft styles with a portfolio that includes collaborations with Innostorm Studio, Artcor, Archpole, and Dubi Home.

    According to Nadya, a designer should be a source of inspiration, enriching their lives with diverse hobbies, experiences, and travels. She finds excellent appreciation in Dantone Home's approach, which recognises the interconnectedness of design and regularly sends designers to international exhibitions.

    During quarantine, Nadya was granted carte blanche to create her own collection — Bridge. This collection marks her debut independent project, showcasing the company's signature style alongside her unique design concepts.

    "In a designer's work, there's always a space for self-expression. Each creator has their own vision of ideal furniture, proportions, style, and how these pieces best fit into an interior. This belief is evident in the Bridge collection, where I aimed to design items with a truly versatile character and a contemporary vibe," Nadya passionately explains, showcasing her design philosophy and personal touch in her creations.

    The Chess open storage system combines the functionality of a modern object, an elegant design that incorporates variability, and a calibrated aesthetic that can set the tone for an entire interior.
    The Bridge collection is centred on the conceptual design of the objects with minimalist handles in brass finish. Second, but no less important, is the material - solid oak with an expressive texture.
    Furniture in this finish can be easily integrated into modern eco-style interiors, successfully integrated into minimalist spaces and echoing the concept of "quiet luxury".

    Choosing favourites from the Bridge collection is difficult as Nadya tailored the entire collection to her needs. Take, for instance, the Bridge writing desk. Nadya meticulously calculated the necessary workspace, considered the placement of laptops and sketches, and found innovative ways to conceal adapters and cables. The result was a compact yet multifunctional desk, a testament to Nadya's commitment to endurance and functionality in her designs.